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Knee Pain

Sharp or dull aching pain on the knee during walking, running, bending or with any physical activity. May be caused by injury, connective tissue wear and tear or overuse injury.



- Pain and tenderness in the knee

- Swelling and stiffness

- Redness and warmth to the touch

- Weakness or instability

- Popping or crunching noises

- Inability to fully straighten the knee


Injuries: Ligament injuries (ACL, MCL, PCL tears), Meniscus tears, Fractures, Patellar tendinitis

Medical Conditions Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Bursitis

Mechanical Problems:

   - Dislocated kneecap

   - Loose body: Piece of bone or cartilage floating in the joint space.

   - Iliotibial band syndrome: Tightness of the IT band causing friction on the outer knee.

Overuse: Repetitive activities or prolonged pressure on the knee can lead to overuse injuries such as runner’s knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome).

How We Fix Knee Pain or Injuries


Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques to mobilize joints and soft tissues, reduce stiffness, and improve movement.

Therapeutic Exercises

Strengthening and stretching exercises to improve muscle support, enhance flexibility, and restore normal function.


Strengthening and Loading Exercises

Education and exercises to increase strength and muscle load resistance, reducing strain on the muscles and joints.

Ergonomic Training

Advice on workspace setup and daily activities to minimize strain.


Pain Relief Modalities

Use of heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation to reduce pain and inflammation.

Techniques and Tools We Use
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